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Carrefour goes all in on historic cage-free commitment

Carrefour Taiwan today announced that it has strengthened its cage-free commitment, in partnership with EAST.

In May 2018, the multi-format retailer issued a historic cage-free policy which stated—among other things—that the retailer would work with suppliers and clients with an “aim to reach 100% cage-free eggs by 2025,” becoming the first retailer in Asia to set such a target.

The announcement reflects the growing interest in animal welfare and food safety issues among Taiwanese consumers.
Image: Mark Kleinen

Carrefour today cemented its cage-free ambition, confirming that only cage-free eggs will be sold in all of the company’s hypermarkets and supermarkets from 2025.

In February, Carrefour completed its takeover of rival retailers Wellcome and Jasons Market Place, further expanding the influence of its animal welfare policy. Carrefour now has 66 hypermarkets, 262 supermarkets and 25 premium supermarkets in Taiwan, second only to PX Mart by store count.

“Carrefour’s food transition is rooted in the belief that every person is worthy of the best; this should not only apply to humans, but to animals, too” said Lawrence Wang, CEO of Carrefour Taiwan, on the retailer’s renewed commitment.

An estimated 85% of Taiwan’s 43 million laying hens live out their lives in tiny wire cages, treated as egg-laying machines and deprived of all that comes naturally to them.

Carrefour has already established designated cage-free zones in all of its locations, launched a line of cage-free private label eggs, and sourced free range eggs certified by the Cage Free Alliance for its Carrefour Quality Line.

In June, the iconic Jasons Market Place in the landmark Taipei 101 building became Taiwan’s first cage-free supermarket, ending sales of all eggs sourced from hens raised in cages.

“Consumers shouldn’t underestimate the power of their decisions, even something as simple as choosing which eggs to buy” said Marilyn Su, Director of CSR at Carrefour.

“Together, many small changes in the same direction have the power to bring Taiwan’s agriculture sector in line with global trends to create a more sustainable future.”

Yu-Min Chen, Deputy Chief Executive of EAST, applauded Carrefour for helping to transform the way hens are treated in Taiwan’s egg industry.

“Since Carrefour made its pledge in May 2018, egg producers have rushed to invest in cage-free farming, shunning cruel cage systems” she said.

“We urge other corporate leaders to follow Carrefour’s lead and embed animal welfare in their corporate social responsibility efforts.”


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