Tap for hens! Sign the petition calling on the government to end the inhumane treatment of laying hens and ban battery cages

Tap for hens!
➡ What is happening to hens?

There are 39 million laying hens trapped for a lifetime in battery cages in Taiwan.

In conventional battery cages, three to four hens are stuffed into tiny cages approximately the size on an A4 sheet of paper. The hens spend their entire lives in these cramped cages—eating, drinking, and excreting—and the oppressive space means the hens routinely step on each other, and are unable to spread their wings.

In battery cages, hens are deprived of the ability to carry out their most fundamental natural behaviours: find a safe nesting place, comb their wings, perch, and dust bath. These abused birds are trapped in these wire cages for the duration of their lives, never once able to experience the earth under their feet.  

As soon as the egg production rate drops, hens are cruelly starved of food and water in order to induce moulting, which increases their production of eggs as their survival mechanisms kick in.  

Suffering, unhealthy hens cannot lay good eggs.

Treating hens as egg laying machines and disregarding their natural needs and behaviours also disregards consumers’ food safety, their health, and environmental sustainability.   

➡ What is happening to hens?


➡ We need your power to effect change!

This Mid-Autumn Festival we are launching a Tap for Hens campaign!

1. Mini Action: Grab your phone and sign the petition: https://goo.gl/forms/GsBqknDQ32YQdohw1

Call on the government to introduce a policy to abolish battery cages, and end the suffering of millions of hens living in inhumane conditions. Solve eggs’ food safety problems at the source of production!

2. Further Action: Raise the stakes! Tag the Council of Agriculture!

Tag a the Executive Yuan’s Council of Agriculture (行政院農業委員會) and demand that keeping hens in battery cages be completely abolished within ten years!

3. Don’t go it alone: Take action together!

Tag friends, hit share, and take action together!

Bring about a better world this Mid-Autumn Festival: Tap for Hens!


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