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EAST calls for boycott of cage duck eggs

Translated by: 周芠

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The lists of caged and cage-free duck egg farms will give consumers the power to exercise their voice at the checkout.

In September 2019, the Environmental & Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) held a press conference to release footage exposing the life of laying ducks on Taiwan’s caged duck farms, attracting widespread attention and support. In response, the Legislative Yuan passed a budgetary resolution calling for the Council of Agriculture to establish animal welfare guidelines for waterfowl and a transition plan for caged duck farmers.

Today we unveiled a consumer guide to duck eggs that lays bare Taiwan’s cage and cage-free duck egg brands, giving consumers the power to make more ethical choices at the checkout. We are calling on consumers to boycott eggs from cruel duck egg farms, forcing the industry to stop turning a blind eye to the misery endured by these intelligent, sociable creatures. 

The consumer guide is the culmination of a year-and-a-half long investigation which revealed the widespread nature of caged duck farming in Taiwan. We decided to conduct the investigation after engaging extensively with cage duck egg producers, of which a small number refused to acknowledge the cruelty of caging these water-loving animals. At least four brands provided false information to our researchers during the investigation, claiming to be cage-free despite using cage systems. 

This list will be regularly renewed. We welcome cage-free duck egg brands to get in touch with us for the opportunity to be listed in the consumer guide.

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