Animal alliance calls for constitutional inclusion of animal protection

Translated by: 周芠



On May 6, 2020, the Animal Protection Legislative Movement Alliance (APLMA) paid an official visit to the Kuomintang (KMT) Caucus, represented by legislators Wan-An Chiang and Yi-Hua Lin, to advocate for the addition of clauses enshrining animal protection in Taiwan’s constitution.

The two legislators say that they personally support the campaign and are confident that it will garner support from other members of the party. The KMT will establish a working group to respond to planned constitutional amendments, with the proposed addition of animal protection clauses to be included in the discussion. The party will also engage with non-governmental organizations throughout the process, they said.

The Alliance applauded the legislators for standing up for animals in Taiwan, stating “Animals are capable of fear, distress and complex behavioral responses. The dignity of animal lives should be respected, and animal welfare should be protected under the law. The inclusion of animal protection in the Constitution is an overarching consideration for life and the environment, and will provide clarity for the legal system when making judgements involving animals. 

The inappropriate use of animals or the inflicting of unnecessary pain, injury, or distress not only shows blatant disregard for animal dignity, but may also have negative consequences for human society.

The Alliance is calling on all of Taiwan’s political parties to support amendments to the Constitution to improve the legal status of animals in Taiwanese society.

The Alliance paid a visit to the Taiwan’s People’s Party (TPP) on Earth Day, and plans to meet with New Power Party (NPP) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislators in the near future.

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