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The Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization campaigning for improvements for animals, people and the environment in Taiwan. EAST was established in 1999. We believe that human welfare is closely linked with animal welfare and environmental protection.

We aim to address the roots of problems. Our research uncovers cruelties and injustices that society would otherwise not be aware of. We also believe that effective change needs to happen at a legislative level as well as through awareness-raising and institutional education.

Besides advocating for better welfare for companion animals, farm animals, wildlife and experimental animals, we actively engage in many environmental issues. We also promote freedom of government information, and lobby for the improvement of existing legislation, with better citizen participation in public policy-making in Taiwan.



Animal alliance calls for constitutional inclusion of animal protection

On May 6, 2020, the Animal Protection Legislative Movement Alliance (APLMA) paid an official visit to the Kuomintang (KMT) Caucus, represented by legislators Wan-An Chiang and Yi-Hua Lin, to advocate for the addition of clauses enshrining animal protection in Taiwan’s constitution.

Bound for the history books: EAST calls for end to cruel fish binding practice

If you visit a traditional Taiwanese wet market you may see vendors selling so-called ‘bow fish’. The term refers to Giant Sea Perch bent into the shape of a ‘U’, bound by a nylon thread pulled tightly from their mouths to their tails. Fish binding aims to keep fish alive longer out of water, with the purported aim of preserving freshness. However, by forcing the gills open and increasing their exposure to oxygen, this outdated practice causes fish to slowly suffocate to death while painfully contorted, causing acute, prolonged suffering.

Bad eggs: curbing the spread of cruel cage systems for egg-laying ducks

billion a year to the  economy in Taiwan, with the prized Brown Tsaiya duck famed for its world-leading egg laying rate. But a recent phenomenon has seen unscrupulous producers confine these water-loving animals to tiny, barren cages without access to water, causing unknowing consumers to unwittingly support this inexcusable cruelty.  

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